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This 1918 poster, part of the United War Work Campaign, was produced by the American Library Association to emphasize the critical role of books for troop morale during World War I. Illustrated by John E. Sheridan, it combines bold text and striking imagery to deliver its message.

At the height of World War I, this poster served as a vivid call to action, encouraging public contributions to support the dissemination of books to soldiers. The depicted servicemen, books in hand, symbolize the thirst for knowledge and the comfort of literature amidst the turmoil of war. Above, the rallying cry "Hey Fellows!" captures attention, while below, a sailor is engrossed in reading, suggesting the solace and escape books provided.

The artwork of John E. Sheridan showcases the prevailing art styles of the era, with its strong lines and expressive figures against a monochromatic backdrop. The use of stark contrast and the dynamic composition reflect the urgency and gravity of the wartime climate, as well as the importance placed on intellectual sustenance for troops abroad.

This poster is emblematic of the period's graphic design and propaganda techniques, offering a window into the social and cultural fabric of the United States during the late stages of the Great War. It speaks to the nation's recognition of the power of literature to educate, to uplift spirits, and to fortify the resolve of those serving on the front lines.

Condition Description
Archivally backed on modern poster linen.