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This vibrant poster, titled "War Gardens Victorious," was created by Maginel Wright Enright just following the end of World War I, under the auspices of the National War Garden Commission. The artwork celebrates the success of home-front efforts in the United States by depicting a smiling young gardener, tool in hand, accompanied by anthropomorphized vegetables against a bold yellow backdrop.

The piece serves as a compelling visual metaphor for the patriotic duty of gardening during wartime. In the context of World War I, American citizens were encouraged to cultivate "war gardens," later known as "victory gardens," as a means to support the war effort. These gardens were intended to increase food production, reduce pressure on the public food supply, and boost morale by allowing citizens to contribute actively to the war effort. The presence of the American flag in the image further underscores the link between domestic agriculture and nationalistic duty.

Maginel Wright Enright's illustration exemplifies the intersection of art, propaganda, and gardening, highlighting the role of visual media in mobilizing civilian populations. The anthropomorphized vegetables, each with a distinctive expression, add a layer of charm and approachability to the poster's message, inviting viewers to engage with the concept of gardening as both a patriotic act and a communal responsibility.

The poster's significance extends beyond its immediate historical context, offering insights into the home-front experience during World War I. As a document of its time, it provides a window into the cultural narratives surrounding self-sufficiency and national service, reflecting broader societal values and the mobilization of civilian morale through art. Its preservation and study contribute to the understanding of visual rhetoric and domestic life during a pivotal moment in American history.

Condition Description
Archivally mounted on modern poster linen. Expert restoration of the edges.