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Detailed British Military Map of Hong Kong, Published On the Advent of the British Retaking Hong Kong from the Japanese.

Color-printed World War II military map of Hong Kong, issued by the British in 1945. Japanese forces in Hong Kong handed over the city to the Royal Navy on August 30th, 1945. The Japanese had been in control of Hong Kong since December 1941.

This map was the primary authoritative cartographic reference for the British as they reestablished themselves in Hong Kong.

The map has an almost unparalleled enumeration of road types: All-weather roads; Limited all-weather roads; Fair-weather roads; Jeepable track; Animal track; Footpath; Unclassified roads.

The map includes notes on the unreliability of the Chinese topographic information:

The exact alignments of motorable roads in Chinese territory are uncertain.

The area of Chinese territory on this sheet is compiled from material of doubtful value, but is probably a fair general representation of the country.

Editions of the Map

This map was updated from the first edition of 1936 to 1945, with changes checked by the Inter-Services Topographic Department against aerial photos.

There were at least two variants of the 1945 edition. This is the 1945 Ordnance Survey printing. We have also had the 110 Map Production Company Royal Engineers printing of August 1945.

Condition Description
Dissected in 21 parts and mounted on original linen. Some minor toning at the folds but overall VG to VG+.