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A Propaganda Map for Soviet Children -- The Soviet Boys and Girls Scouts

Educational/Propaganda map of the Soviet Union (including Baltic & Southern republics) showing the State border, key cities, pioneer museums and large construction projects of national importance, such as the oil pipelines, hydroelectric power stations, railways, monuments, and important ships named after prominent pioneer figures.

The pictures of the "good deeds" of Soviet children drawn throughout the map show the care of the children towards their Homeland: first pioneers to visit the North pole, Soviet pioneers helping the children of Vietnam, pioneers building a school in Siberia, young boys guarding state borders, girls feeding wild animals etc. Everything to support the country - but the boys and girls are no strangers to the fun activities like hiking and skiing!

The map is framed by the description of key pioneer activities like the USSR founding date, WWII army support programs, large meetings of the pioneer leaders and so on. 

The Soviet Pioneer Organization

The Soviet Pioneer organization was founded in 1922 and by 1980's virtually every child from 9 to 14 was a pioneer or a candidate. The statistical table at the lower left part of the map shows the growth of the organization from 4000 in 1922 to 20 million members in 1981. The movement was similar to the US boy scouts, but with heavy State support and political bias in the informal education process.

The map was published by the GUGK - Main Administration of Geodesy and Cartography (ГУГК).