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Detailed manuscript survey map of the area from San Jose to Monterey, locating the Spanish Ranchos, at a time when the confirmation of many of the Ranchos was being established. The map was likely originally owned by California pioneer F.B. Sylvester.

The map extends west to the area of Monterey Bay (the City Lands of Monterey are shown at the mouth of the Salinas River), and includes a number of technical notes, with many ranchos delineated, the landowners named, etc. The map provides a general survey of the many ranchos in the area and is careful to note the surveying errors in the general surveys confirming ownership of several of the Ranchos.

Among the named land owners are Patrick Breen (Donner Party), David Littlejohn, Quintin Ortega, John Gilroy, the Widow Murphy, John Coldwell's House on the San Benito River, etc. There are several insets with detail, including the Mission Buildings and Mission Orchard for Mission San Juan Bautista, Pajaro River, San Benito River, Aroyo de las Llagas and other place names are located. A separate area shows the Mission Vineyard, also likely San Juan Bautista.

Ranchos named include Canada de San Felipe y las Animas, Rancho La Laguna Seca, Rancho Ojoa de Agua de la Coche, Rancho Lomerias Muertas, Rancho San Ysidro, Rancho La Poina, Rancho Las Uvas, Rancho San Francisco de las Llagos, Juristad Rancho, Solis Rancho, Rancho Salispuedes, Rancho Aromitas, Rancho San Andreas, Rancho Los Corralitos, Rancho Bolsa del Pajaro, Rancho Bolsa de San Cayetano, Rancho Vega del Rio Pajaro, Rancho Las Auimas, Rancho Tequisquita, Rancho Bolsa de San Felipe, Rancho San Justo, Rancho Los Vergeles, Rancho Carneros, Rancho Candaa de la Carpenteria, Rancho Bolsa y Maria Cajo, Rancho Bolsa de Potrero y Moro Caja, Rancho Bolsa de Escarpinas, Rancho de la Natividad, and Rahco Cienega de Gabilan.

Includes several marvelous annotations and a note at the bottom that "Important mistakes discovered in previous surveys should be corrected by a proper Resurvey and as such reported in the field notes of the Deputy Surveyor".

A second note at the top states "The extension boundaries of Rancho Juristac were never properly connected with those of the Salsipuedes and Aromits y Aua Caliente Ranchos. The Survey of the Pescadero Creek does not seem to be complete, and the Meanders of the Pajaro River in the Survey of Juristac differ from those run in the Survey of the Aromitas y Agua Caliente. In Subdividing the Public Land B.C. the Survyory should make the proper connections and resurveys necessary for the calculation of the fractional lots in the public land."

With several blindstamps reading "Property of the Heirs of F.B. Sylvester, Sr. Loaned Indefinitely." F.B. Sylvester arrived in California on the Bark Diamond from New Bedford, Connecticut, on February 3, 1849.

Condition Description
Stained throughout with sold fold weakness, but an exceptional survival