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Fascinating thematic map of the world, showing the world's topography, ocean currents, submarine cables, and principal navigation routes of the time.

The map's hipsometric design denotes varying elevations and depths, illustrated by a gradient of color, providing a three-dimensional perspective on the Earth's surface. The key on the map indicates different ocean currents: "Corrientes frías" for cold currents and "Corrientes cálidas" for warm currents, each marked with distinctive colored arrows to denote direction and temperature.

Telegraphic communication, an innovative technology of the age, is also highlighted through the lines marking "Telegrafo terrestre y submarino" (terrestrial and submarine telegraph) and those "en proyecto" (projected), signaling the burgeoning global communication network. Additionally, "Lineas principales de navegación" (main navigation routes) and "Ferro-carriles" (railways) are delineated, showcasing the interconnectedness of transportation and communication in the late 19th century.

The map also demarcates "Límites de las partes del mundo" (the boundaries of the parts of the world), which points to the geopolitical awareness and territorial understanding of the period. This feature, along with the others, encapsulates the global perspective and the extent of exploration and imperial reach at the end of the 1870s.