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Kriegs-Expeditions-Carte von Bohmen II. Blat, published in Nuremberg by the Homan heirs in 1743, offers a compelling visual record of military expeditions and operations in Bohemia during the War of the Austrian Succession, focusing on the events surrounding Prague and Egra. The cartographic representation includes three distinct maps on a single sheet, each supplemented with detailed explanatory text, tracing the movements and engagements of the French and Austrian forces.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, the 1740s witnessed intense strategic military movements in Central Europe, notably in Bohemia. The war, initiated in response to the ascension of Maria Theresa to the Habsburg throne, saw various European powers, including France and Austria, clashing for dominion and influence. Prague, the historic capital of Bohemia, became one of the pivotal centers of these military activities. The intricate maneuvering of the French army under Marshal de Broglio, their retreats, and their confrontations with the Austrian forces, particularly the attempt to foray and subsequently resorting to equine sustenance due to supply limitations, are all vividly depicted and annotated on this map.

The cartographic narrative unfolds in multiple layers. One section delineates the route Marshal de Bel Isle took during his retreat from Prague, through the Rakonitz, Satz, and Pilsen circles, culminating at Egra. Another segment details the precise timing and manner in which the French army exited Prague on December 6, 1742, revealing the intricacies of military logistics of the era. The Plan d'Egra, capturing the city's attack in April 1742, provides critical insights into the siege warfare techniques and strategic importance of the location.

In addition to the spatial representation, the map's accompanying texts, extracted from the "Franzos: Kriegs-Diario," narrate key moments in this chapter of the war. These events, ranging from the retreat of Marshal de Broglio from Pilek to the cannons of Prague to the Austrians' successive encroachments on the city, paint a vivid picture of the ebb and flow of military advantages.

In sum, Kriegs-Expeditions-Carte von Bohmen II. Blat stands as a testament to the rich and tumultuous history of the War of the Austrian Succession, serving as both a cartographic chronicle and a narrative record of a defining period in European warfare. The intricate interplay of strategy, logistics, and engagement it depicts underscores the importance of understanding not only the movements of armies but also the broader socio-political forces driving them.

Condition Description
Original hand-color. Dampstaining and fly spots, particularly in the margins.
Homann Heirs Biography

Homann Heirs was a German publishing firm that enjoyed a major place in the European map market throughout the eighteenth century. Founded in 1702 by Johann Baptist Homann, the business passed to his son, Christoph, upon Johann’s death in 1724. Christoph died in 1730, aged only 27, and the firm was inherited by subsequent Homann heirs. This altered the name of the company, which was known as Homann Erben, or Homann heirs. The firm continued in business until 1848.