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This map, titled "Exhibit 'x' City of El Cajon," depicts the city boundaries of El Cajon, California, along with the delineation of the water district and proposed changes to city limits, and is certified as a correct copy of the map in Superior Court Document No. 27,071. Authenticated by L.L. Bailey, the County Clerk, and dated April 12th, 1917, the map was involved in the case of B.F. McKinney vs. City of El Cajon et al.

The early 20th century was a time of substantial growth and change for many Californian cities, including El Cajon. Situated within San Diego County, the city faced challenges related to its expansion and governance, which required careful delineation of its boundaries. This map served as an essential legal document in a case that appears to have concerned the exclusion proceedings within the city limits.

The map itself provides a detailed view of El Cajon's geographical and administrative divisions, with different colors denoting various aspects such as the present city boundary, the boundary of the water district, and proposed exclusions. The solid green shade represents a specific portion of the city under consideration in the legal proceedings, reflecting the complexity of urban planning and governance during that period.

As a piece of legal and historical documentation, "Exhibit 'x' City of El Cajon" offers significant insights into the urban development, legal processes, and civic debates of early 20th-century California. It also stands as a testament to the vital role that maps and cartographic evidence play in legal disputes, reflecting broader themes of land use, jurisdiction, and municipal governance. Its precision and attention to detail provide a tangible connection to the legal and urban history of El Cajon and the broader dynamics of growth and change in Southern California.

Signed in print with the initials ETD.

Condition Description
Blueprint with scant original hand-color in outline, on drafting linen. Mounted on cream cardstock.