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Montreal, with art Swaena Lowelle and published by Archar Inc. in 1974, offers a distinctive visual portrayal of Montreal, encapsulated within a rich purple border. The depiction captures numerous iconic structures and local establishments, thereby immortalizing the city's unique urban landscape during the mid-20th century.

The 1970s marked a period of significant change and modernization for Montreal. Having recently played host to the World Exposition in 1967, known commonly as Expo 67, the city was firmly positioned as a global destination. Additionally, the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal further cemented its international reputation. This vibrant cityscape, portrayed through Lowelle's lens, encapsulates this momentous era, subtly hinting at the city's evolution and burgeoning global status.

In this piece, the use of a bird's-eye perspective provides viewers with a panoramic view of Montreal's architectural diversity, juxtaposing historical edifices with modern constructions. The artist's deliberate choice of a vivid purple palette for the border accentuates the vibrancy and cultural richness of the city, reflecting Montreal's melding of European charm with North American dynamism.

Moreover, Lowelle's attention to landmark buildings and local businesses adds layers of authenticity and depth to the piece. It not only serves as a geographical representation but also provides socio-cultural insights, capturing the spirit and rhythm of Montreal's everyday life in the 1970s.