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Dating from the early 20th century, this intricately detailed, color-lithographed folding map of Montreal was produced by John Lovell & Son Limited. The map, which includes a comprehensive depiction of areas like Westmount, Outremont, Verdun, Montreal West, and St Laurent, offers an exceptional snapshot of Montreal's urban topography during the city's rapid growth and development in the 1920s.

Montreal, during the 1920s, was in the midst of transformation. As Canada's metropolis, it was the heart of the nation's commercial activity. The era saw the emergence of the "modern city," characterized by expansive urban growth, the rise of commercial districts, and the expansion of municipal boundaries. Lovell's map of Montreal encapsulates this momentous period, presenting a comprehensive view of a city that was rapidly changing and expanding.

John Lovell & Son Limited, the publishers of this map, were distinguished figures in the Canadian publishing industry. Known as members of the Association of North American Directory Publishers, they established their reputation through the consistent release of Lovell's Montreal Directory, a highly respected and widely used resource. This pedigree lent credibility and authenticity to their cartographic endeavors, as evidenced in the detailed urban grid of this Montreal map.

The map serves not just as a functional tool for navigation but also a historical document. It captures the structure and layout of Montreal's cityscape in the early 20th century, delineating new ward boundaries and providing a grid-based street index for ease of use. Further, it visually emphasizes the city's street railway lines, showcasing Montreal's public transportation infrastructure of the time. By doing so, it offers invaluable insights into the city's spatial organization and infrastructural development, contributing significantly to our understanding of Montreal's urban history.

Condition Description
Color-lithographed folding map mounted in original blue wrappers. Pencil library shelfmark on front of blue folder.