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Ephemeral silk print made to commemorate the 1888 Glasgow International Exhibition, one of the city's most important cultural events ever hosted.

The handkerchief depicts the grounds of the exhibition in its main image. Insets in the four corners show the Glasgow Municipal Building, the Glasgow Royal Exchange, Glasgow University, and Glasgow Cathedral. Positioned above the central image is a depiction of the coats of arms with the motto "Let Glasgow Flourish."

The Glasgow International Exhibition of 1888 was a pivotal event that marked a significant moment in the city's industrial and cultural history. Held in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, Scotland, the exhibition was organized to celebrate the city's achievements in industry, science, and art, and to promote Glasgow as a hub of technological innovation. The main building, designed by architect James Sellars, was constructed in a Spanish Baroque style and housed various exhibits showcasing advancements in engineering, manufacturing, and other fields. The exhibition attracted over 5.7 million visitors and featured displays from countries around the world, reflecting the global reach of Glasgow's industries.

The success of the Glasgow International Exhibition had a lasting impact on the city's development and reputation. It helped solidify Glasgow's status as the "Second City of the Empire" and fostered a sense of pride and identity among its citizens. The exhibition also provided a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, with a particular focus on fine arts and design. Many of the temporary structures were dismantled after the exhibition, but the legacy of the event continued to influence the city's architectural and cultural landscape. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which stands near the site of the exhibition, remains a testament to Glasgow's enduring commitment to art and innovation.

Condition Description
Printed on silk. Some fraying in lower right. Minor fraying at edges.