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This 1917 United States propaganda poster, designed by Dan Sayre Groesbeck, presents a poignant tableau of Uncle Sam juxtaposing the value of human life against monetary wealth amid World War I. The artwork exhorts the American public to purchase government bonds, contributing financially to the war effort.

In the throes of World War I, the United States government issued Liberty Bonds to support the financial demands of the conflict, a practice embodying the era's patriotism and sense of civic duty. Groesbeck's illustration captures this sentiment, placing the iconic figure of Uncle Sam at the forefront, as a personification of the nation's conscience and determination. The quote from McAdoo serves as a moral appeal, emphasizing the government's need for support not merely for fiscal reasons but as a testament to the nation's values and priorities.

The poster's visual elements, with the Statue of Liberty and military motifs in the background, reinforce the message of national unity and sacrifice. The composition serves to remind viewers of the ongoing war, the soldiers' valor, and the home front's pivotal role in sustaining the national endeavor. The imagery of Uncle Sam, stern and resolute, is particularly evocative, aiming to stir the observer's emotions and sense of responsibility.

Condition Description
Archivally mounted on modern poster linen. A few expertly repaired tears at bottom. Some minor streaks to the lettering at the bottom.