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Interesting large-format WWII "Newsmap," providing up-to-date coverage of World War II to American servicemen. The verso, meant to be displayed the next week when the recto has gone out-of-date, has a chart of tanks of the British army with photographs.

An inset map (by Liam Dunne) shows the Nazis' advance towards Stalingrad and Rostov, showing a large battle area encompassing much of Ukraine. Also in an inset map is the China Front, showing advances in the Zhejiang-Jiangxi campaign. In the Pacific Theater, the brief reports the Japanese landing at Buna, where they established a beachhead and whence began the Kokoda Track campaign.

The base map is surrounded by news-style articles, images, photographs, and other information regarding the war's progress, including smaller maps illustrating a single theater or front.

This series was first published on April 27, 1942, by the Orientation Course Section. The course distributed the maps to company-sized units of the Army, libraries, and Service clubs, and the army in turn distributed them to other branches of the military. Newsmaps were edited in New York, initially under the Special Service Division and then the Morale Services Division after its establishment, and except for overseas editions, printed in Chicago.

Condition Description
Ragged eges. Multiple large tears around sides, with two 4" at bottom right, some image loss in upper right and text loss in lower right.