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Advertisement Board Game Showing the Many Routes which Link Up the World's Chocolate Market

Fantastic board game produced as advertising for the UNICA chocolate company.

The game features a world map, colored according to the four continents, surrounded by the many types of biscuits and wafers offered by the chocolate producers. Four men are pictured, representing the four (non-European) continents. The verso shows the UNICA factory.

The two-player game starts with players at the poles, and players take turns rolling a six-sided (non-included) die which allow them to take a red (automobile), green (airplane), and blue (steamer) routes. The die can also cause them to lose their turn or take one or two paths of any nature. The goal is to be the first player to get to Rome. The player has some choice in routes, which prevents this game from turning into a simulation of a random-walk algorithm, but it also has a number of dead ends (e.g., Vancouver, at which point you pick a pole and start over).

A History of Chocolate in Italy

While the Spanish were the first to import chocolate into Europe, regularly using it as an ingredient to flavor mixed drinks started in Italy. This was concentrated in the north, where Turin was established as the leading center for chocolate in Europe.

In the 18th-century, chocolate drinks gradually turned from something reserved for the nobility to something which could be targeted at a wider audience. 1832 would see the first production of edible, rather than drinkable, chocolate, and chocolate sweet foods would take off. This process was industrialized at a large scale in the 20th century, a movement which UNICA would take part in.

Condition Description
Backed on board. Folding in three parts. Some wear at lower part of fold.