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This propaganda poster from World War II, created by the United States Office of War Information, captures the determination of the American military effort with the rallying cry "We have just begun to fight!" The vivid illustration of a soldier in the throes of battle, next to the names of pivotal battles and campaigns such as Pearl Harbor, Bataan, and Midway, evokes the critical junctures in the Pacific Theater and elsewhere that galvanized the United States into action.

The period during which this poster was produced was marked by the United States' intensive engagement in World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The listed locations signify key battles where American forces were either challenged or triumphed, reflecting a period of immense military struggle and strategic victories that were pivotal to the Allied success.

The artwork embodies the fierce spirit and resolve of American soldiers and the home front's moral support. It indicates the broader psychological warfare aimed at bolstering the morale of both troops and civilians, stressing the ongoing commitment to victory despite the hardships faced.

The use of bold lettering and stark, emotive imagery is designed to communicate quickly and effectively, a hallmark of wartime communication strategies. As an emblem of American resilience and patriotism during World War II, this poster holds significant historical value for its representation of the national mood and the government's efforts to unify the country in a time of global conflict.

Condition Description
Archivally backed on modern poster linen.