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Uncommon map of the region of El-Alamein and the surrounding vicinity, prepared by German forces using looted British maps. Apparently showing the battlefield in the lead up to one of the most infamous battles of the North African front of World War II.

The map shows the region surrounding El Alamein, which appears near the coast to the east of the map. Information relevant to a military operation is shown, with topography, roads, marshes, railroads, and many other features shown.

El Alamein was one of the critical turning points for the Second World War, and represented the first major Allied victory in the war in a year. Fought at the end of October and the start of November, 1942, British troops engaged German units just outside of El Alemein. The battle saw fierce fighting for a prolonged period of time, but eventually, Allied troops broke through the Axis lines and captured nearly 40,000 German troops.


This map and several other German and British maps of the area were purchased in a group from an Australian owner. We are under the impression that the map was captured by a British or Australian soldier during one of the Battles of El Alamein.

Condition Description
Some wear along fold lines and some soiling.