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Interesting late 18th Century map of the United States, published on the eve of the Louisiana Purchase.

The map reflects a number of early changes from the original 13 colonies:

  • The District of "Main" is shown -- statehood would not come until 1820
  • Vermont is shown -- statehood granted in 1791
  • Kentucky is shown in a very tentative configuration  -- statehood granted in 1792
  • "Tennassee" is shown is also tentative  -- statehood granted in 1796
  • A massive Western territory is shown, subsuming all of the area of the future Jeffersonian (and non-Jeffersonian) states.
  • West of the Mississippi River, the entire region is Spanish Louisiana, pre-dating the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso where Napoleon secretly acquired Louisiana from Spain (1800) and the Treaty of Aranjuez (1801)
  • East Florida and West Florida are still shown.


Condition Description
Overall toned and soiled.