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This rare pictorial map of the United States, titled "America The Bountiful A Gastronomical Map of the U.S.A.", was created during the first half of the 20th century.

The map features a colorful and detailed illustration of the United States, with each state labeled. The map includes various cartoons and images representing the food and culinary traditions of each region, such as apples for the Northeast, corn for the Midwest, and chili con carne for Mexico and the Southwest. In addition to the regional food symbols, the map also includes illustrations of "The Great Wheat Belt" and other similar regions.

The overall design of the map is whimsical and playful, offering a unique and engaging perspective on the culinary diversity of the United States.


We locate only one other example of the map, at the Buffalo Public Library. They give the date as 1939, which makes sense.