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Phelps & Watson's Historical and Military Map of the Border and Southern States is a detailed cartographic representation of a region embroiled in the turbulent era of the American Civil War. The map, distinguished by its comprehensive detailing of forts, signified by the "#" symbol, and the inclusion of a meticulous table listing battles up to August 1863, offers a unique and immersive perspective on the geographical and military dynamics of the time.

The map's significance extends beyond its aesthetic and geographical attributes; it stands as a testament to the period's complexity, illustrating not only the landscape's physical contours but also the fragmented nation's socio-political divides. The delineation of state boundaries, railroads, and military sites provides an invaluable resource for understanding the logistics, movements, and strategies that shaped the conflict's course. This representation, created amidst the war's profound uncertainties, encapsulates the era's essence, making it a vital piece for scholars, historians, and collectors interested in the interplay between geography and history.

The inclusion of the battle table at the map's lower left is of particular note. This catalog of conflict serves as a chronological guide to the engagements that defined the period, offering insights into the war's progression and focal points. This feature not only augments the map's historical value but also enables a deeper understanding of the war's temporal and spatial dimensions.

Furthermore, the map's production by Phelps & Watson underscores its contemporary significance, reflecting the period's cartographic practices and the public's appetite for knowledge and updates on the unfolding conflict. The publishers, known for their detailed and informative maps, catered to a society grappling with the realities of war, providing a valuable service in the dissemination of information. 

Condition Description
Folding map printed on one side; original covers attached. Original hand-color. Minor losses at plate marks, as shown. Toned tape at top edge. Some minor wear and discoloration at folds.