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Fine chromolithographic image combining five color printed vignettes related to American patriotism, union, and temperance.

The top vignette shows two angels kneeling before a bald eagle holding a banner and two doves overhead.

The second scene shows two groups or parties of soldiers at war with each other, with two men at either side reciting a poem beginning "Might makes right."

The third scene shows two angels "of mercy and peace" holding banners and books in their hands.

The fourth scene shows soldiers holding banners of "Temperance" and "Mutual aid society" marching towards a hotel. At right, a drunken man holding a bottle walks away from the hotel, towards a rickety house.

The fifth scene at bottom shows a group of soldiers marches from left, holding a banner praising mutual aid societies. A woman greets a soldier with a kiss in front of a "Temperance Hall." A soldier riding a horse holds a red banner reading "mutual union." Other families are seen greeting soldiers returning from war. A school is seen at far right. Another group of soldiers marches from left, the first soldier receives a book from an angel.

At either side of the central vignettes are engraved vignettes of allegorical figures including Native Americans, women, America, soldiers and farmers. 

The image was printed in 1873, the same year as the creation of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, which held its first National Convention the following year in Cleveland, Ohio.


We locate 2 examples on line.  Library of Congress and Huntington Museum (Jay Last collection).  OCLC also locates a copy at the American Antiquarian Society.

We were unable to find an example at auction or in any dealer catalog.

Condition Description
Small green smudge at center right. Minor marginal repairs, most notably at left side and