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Dating from 1901, this advertising broadside presents "The Beal Prospecting Core Drill," a comprehensive outline of machinery that Moses Beal of Elyria, Ohio designed. The broadside details the equipment's applications in mining and quarrying, highlighting innovative features such as the ability to cut cores of various diameters without using diamonds, and offering a selection of configurations tailored to various industrial needs.

The rapid industrialization of America at the turn of the 20th century necessitated new and improved methods of mineral and quarry extraction. This broadside, marketing Moses Beal's prospecting core drill, embodies the era's innovative engineering approach to meeting the demands of the mining, quarrying, and construction sectors. The text offers a rich insight into components ranging from complete steam outfits to portable boilers, friction clutch belt wheels, and the latest quarry machinery. These details underscore technological advancements aimed at efficiency and adaptability during this period.

Detailed textual descriptions, specific figures, and illustrations complement each other, presenting a visual guide to the products. The broadside also emphasizes the core drill's reliability and precision, confidently stating, "The Beal Core Drill can't lie," as it retrieves solid cores for analysis. Such claims assure quality and reflect the competitive nature of the industry. Phrases like "valuable informations are struck constantly" and the transformation of land value underscore the practical application and financial benefits of the machinery.

The inclusion of the original envelope, postmarked in Elyria, Ohio, adds authenticity and historicity to the document. It provides insights into the communication and advertising strategies manufacturers employed and serves as a testament to Ohio's industrial heritage. This advertising broadside connects directly to the technological and entrepreneurial spirit of early 20th-century America, encapsulating the ethos of innovation and progress that defined this transformative period in history.

Condition Description
With original printed pictorial envelope, torn and soiled.