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The reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King, was marked not just by grandeur and the construction of the lavish Palace of Versailles but also by significant territorial expansions and various international policies. One fascinating way this was commemorated was through medals, each with its unique tale, four of which specifically showcased geographical inset maps. Here, we will delve into each medal's significance.

  1. Protei Artes Del Usae: This medal might be an homage to the arts and sciences that flourished during Louis XIV's reign.  

  2. Foedus Helveticum Instauratum: Translated, this refers to the "Swiss Alliance Restored." This medal would commemorate the treaties or agreements Louis XIV had with Switzerland, a strategically important region in Europe, given its central location.

  3. Germania Servata: Meaning "Germany Preserved," this medal likely commemorates the interactions of Louis XIV with the German states. It might highlight the preservation of certain alliances or the prevention of further conflict.

  4. Ob Nef Secelusa Corsis Edit In Orat Reg. Fr.: This fragmented Latin phrase seems to reference a specific event related to Corsica (Corsis). Louis XIV's reign saw many territorial disputes, and this medal might mark a diplomatic or military event related to Corsica.

  5. Corscium Facinus Excusatum: Another medal referencing Corsica, this could hint at an exoneration or a justification of an action taken in the region.

  6. Gallia Vindex: Translating to "Gallia the Avenger," this medal portrays France (Gallia) as a powerful nation.

  7. Minerva Locupletatrix: Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, as "Locupletatrix" can be seen as the enricher. This medal might symbolize the enrichment of France under Louis XIV, both in terms of culture and territory.

  8. Navigatio Instaurata: "Navigation Restored" suggests a focus on maritime power. Louis XIV did bolster the French navy, and this medal might commemorate advancements or victories at sea.

  9. Colonia Madgacarica: This medal, with its inset map of "Isle de Madagascar," represents the colonial interests of France in Madagascar. Louis XIV's reign saw increased colonial ventures, and Madagascar was a key strategic location in the Indian Ocean.

  10. Provinciae ab Injuriis Potentior Vindicat: Translated, this refers to the "Provinces Defended from the Wrongs of the Powerful." It may represent the defense of French territories or provinces, showcasing Louis XIV's role as protector.

As for the geographical inset maps:

  • Plan of Marsal: Marsal is a town in Lorraine, a region of contested control. This map might commemorate its capture or its strategic importance.

  • Comte de Vesperin: A reference that isn't immediately recognizable from history. It might be a representation of a region or territory of significance during the time.

  • Plan d'Erford: Referring to Erfurt, this highlights the strategic importance of this German city during the various European power plays.

  • Isle de Madagascar: As previously mentioned, this map underscores the colonial interests of France in this island nation.

In essence, these medals aren't just decorative trinkets. They are historical markers, narrating the tales of a powerful nation's political machinations, territorial ambitions, and the grand vision of its leader, Louis XIV.