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Stock# 69274

A fantastic group of autographs from the Golden Age of Sail, including Royal Navy officers active during the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812.

The album was probably composed by a devotee of British naval history in the 1830s. The album includes 50 autographs, the vast majority of which are from Admirals of the Royal Navy who served during its most distinguished and famous period.

The album includes signatures of important American Revolutionary War figures such as Admiral Edward Pellew, who was at Saratoga under Burgoyne, and Admiral Sir Charles Cotton who was active in the Boston and Long Island Campaigns. Rear-Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, whose signature is on page 12, had an illustrations career saw him in Washington in 1814, in command of forces who burned down many public buildings including the White House. His career concluded with him guarding Napoleon on St. Helena.

Complement of Signatures

Captain Philip Lewis J---- Rosenhagen (mounted on a partially printed memorial to the Captain)

Page 2

Rear Admiral William Webley-Parry
Captain George Lech_hill ???
Captain W. Moper

Page 3

Admiral Sir Charles Cotton (siege of Boston, Long Island Campaign) ??
Admiral Sir Roger Curtis 
Admiral Sir Richard Dorset
4 ____________________

Page 4

Admiral Sir Richard W Schornberg
Admiral Sir Byrn Martin
Admiral Sir Thomas Trowebridge
Admiral W. Pow_fe

Page 5

Admiral L.W.
Admiral D.W. Walstead or Malsted
Admiral W.R. Bouhbon
Captain George Henderson
Admiral Sir William Hotham

Page 6

Admiral Sir Thoams Binffs
Captain Henry J. Rathcott
Admiral Sir G.E. Elliot
Admiral ____ Thaffs ???

Page 7

Admiral Sir Robert Rodham
Admiral Sir Samuel Graves
Admiral Sir Robert Childon
Admiral Sir James Stirfoey

Page 8

Captain Benjamin Peuchy
Lord Selsey
Admiral Sir Robert Calder
Lord Melville
Admiral Sir Sherard Osborn

Page 9

Admiral Sir Edward Pellew
Admiral Sir Sacmouth
Admiral Sir ___ Pellead
Captain H___ P____

Page 10

Admiral Sir Albemarle Bertie
Admiral Sir ___reen Haywood
Admiral Sir Richard Bookerton
Admiral Sir Gordon Bremer

Page 11

Admiral W.B. ____r
Admiral Sir H. Drury
Admiral Sir Anthony Hunt

Page 12

Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm
Lord Admiral G.W. Colpoys
Captain J. Whitty

Page 13

Admiral Sir Christopher Cole
Captain J.F. Henderson
Admiral Richard Bickerton


Condition Description
Large quarto album. Modern blue paper wrappers, the album itself probably composed in the 1830s.