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Hudson's Bay Company Guide & Map To The Klondike Gold Fields -- Rare Winnipeg Imprint

Rare Hudson's Bay Trading Company map of the the Klondike and Yukon Gold Regions, illustrating the Canadian Routes to the Gold regions from Winnipeg and Calgary.

Published in Winnipeg by Gulman Bros & Co., the map illustrates the Hudson Bay Company posts and shows several routes to the Gold Regions, initially via the Canadian Pacific Railway to Calgary, including:

  • Southern Route: Calgary to Vancouver to Ft. Rangel and Juneau to Ft. Selkirk
  • Central Route:  Edmonton to Athabasca Landing to Ft. Nelson 
  • Northern Route:  Edmonton to Athabasca to Slave River to MacKenzie River to Peel River Post to Porcupine River to Yukon River to Dawson

Gold regions listed are Omenica, Cariboo, Kootenay, Klondyke, and Cassiar.

On the verso, the HBC recommends a Miner's Outfit, and shows the larger route from Eastern Canada to the Gold Regions, including the route of the Canadian Pacific Railway and feeder lines from the United States, along with several illustrated panels, discussing the Calgary and Edmonton Routes, Vancouver and Victoria Routes and information on Winnipeg.


The map is extremely rare.  OCLC locates 2 copies (Huntington Library and University of Oregon).

Condition Description
Old folds spits. The pamphlet has been competely encapsulated on two sides.