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Recent Discoveries in the Arctic Regions Drawn By Jehoshaphat Aspin 1833 is a rare map of the Arctic regions of North America, by Jehoshaphat Aspin and published by John Harris in London. This 1833 map presents a comprehensive snapshot of the Canadian Polar Seas, known and partially explored at that time, making it a significant object documenting early Arctic exploration.

In the early 19th century, interest in the Arctic regions intensified, and a flurry of expeditions aimed to explore and chart the largely unknown northern territories. Among these were the expeditions of William Edward Parry in the 1820s, which were remarkable for their scientific rigor and the extent of geographical information they collected. This map integrates the findings of these expeditions, presenting a detailed picture of the Arctic as understood in the early 19th century.


Jehoshaphat Aspin, presumed to be a female author under a pseudonym, was a unique figure in the early 19th century British intellectual scene, known for her contributions as an author, humorist, historian, and geographer. She was especially recognized for her work in creating children's books, geographies, geographical games, and histories. Aspin's masterwork, Cosmorama, is renowned for its innovative approach to comparative cultural geography, drawing parallels between culturally and geographically disparate peoples such as Italians and Malays. Her involvement in cartography led to collaborations with esteemed figures such as John Thompson, Matthew Carey, and C. V. Lavoisne.

John Harris, the publisher, was a prominent figure in London's publishing scene and had a keen interest in educational and geographical works. Their collaboration on this map yielded an artifact of considerable historical and geographical significance.

The Recent Discoveries in the Arctic Regions Drawn By Jehoshaphat Aspin 1833 stands as a testament to the human endeavor to explore and understand the Arctic's vast, challenging, and icy landscapes. It captures a pivotal moment in Arctic exploration history, blending the art of cartography with the scientific findings of the Parry expeditions. It stands as an invaluable asset for scholars and enthusiasts of Arctic history and exploration.

Condition Description
Original hand-color. Minor offsetting.