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Rare pictorial map of Missouri by R.T. Aitchison, published by the Mentholatum Company.

The map includes decorative vignettes illustrating the history and resources of Missouri with a detailed text history of the state.

R.T. Aitchison was a Wichita, Kansas illustrator. His collection is housed at Wichita State University and consists of:

. . . 35 maps are divided into two series. The first includes 29 maps by Wichita illustrator and artist Robert T. Aitchison produced for the Mentholatum Company. These include state historical maps, and a map of the Holy Land. The second series includes six maps. These additional maps were not part of the Mentholatum Company series and include maps printed by the McCormick-Armstrong Company, a pencil sketch, a map compiled by Aitchison and rendered by Bill Jackson, and Aitchison's final map finished by Bill Jackson.

Offered as promotional giveaways, the maps are now scarce on the market.