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Fine birdesye view style map of Southern California and contiguous parts of Nevada and Arizona, ilustrating te the Colorado River Aqueduct and its sources.

In the east, Boulder Dam and Parker Dam are shown, along with various tunnels, pump stations and reservoirs, with the origin of the water in the Colorado River. The line of the Acqueduct is then shown winding through a series of channels and tunnel, through the Coachella Valley, over the San Bernardino Mountains and finally to the Inland Empire and Los Angeles Basin, via Lake Mathews.

Te map shows several cities around the reservoir at left, while the tunnels, reservoirs, and pumps along the aqueduct are labeled as well. A depiction of the profile of the aqueduct suns along the bottom of the image, while an inset map of the United States in the upper left corner shows the location of the aqueduct.

The map is apparently quite rare. We located only 1 copy (USC), which is the source for our dating of the map.