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This allegorical broadside map, designed by William Meacham Murrell, uses nautical metaphors to contrast the dangers of alcohol with the benefits of sobriety, depicting an "Ocean of Life" flanked by two continents. The western continent features negative realms such as Sickness Province and Dishonesty Kingdom, while the eastern continent showcases positive areas like Repentance Kingdom and Friendship Regions. Central to the map are the Alcohol Islands, each named after a type of drink, such as Whiskey Island and Wine Island.

Below the map, an explanation in verse form elaborates on the journey of life as a sea voyage, urging the use of temperance as a guide.

Murrell's work is notable not only for its creative depiction of temperance but also for its historical roots in allegorical mapping, a tradition that dates back to the fifteenth century. His possible inspiration was Reverend C. Wiltberger Jr.'s earlier Temperance Map, which he likely encountered during his travels.


The map is very rare. We have seen it once through the market, in 2014. OCLC records an example at the Boston Athenaeum and one at Brown, though seemingly the latter is a variant edition.

Condition Description
Hand-colored lithograph on 19th-century wove paper. Overall toning and dampstain in the lower right corner. Otherwise VG or VG+