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An Illuminated Manuscript Map of the World on Vellum!

Finely executed hand drawn miniature map of the world, celebrating the spread of Catholicism by the Jesuits.

A representation of the baby Jesus is shown between the two hemispheres, with the symbol of the Society of Jesus in the clouds above, illuminated in gold.

In the four corners are female personifications of the four continents (America top right, Asia top left, Africa bottom right, Europe bottom left).

Within the two hemispheres, a classical depiction of the world is given, as known at the beginning of the 17th Century.  California is NOT an island, with the Straits of Anian show at the top left, with a large landmass running north and south toward America. No signs of Tasman's voyages in the 1640s is given, but there is a very large Terra Incognita in the Eastern Hemisphere.  

At the bottom of the scallop, the names Peru, Brasil, Aethiop., Malabar, China and Nova Hispan. appear.

The primary Jesuit missionary locations are shown with the Jesuit Symbol

  • 2 in North America
  • 2 in South America
  • 2 in Africa
  • 1 in Madagascar
  • 1 in Spain
  • 2 in France?
  • 1 in Scandinavia
  • 1 in Russia
  • 1 near Syria
  • 1 in Southeastern India ?
  • 1 near the mouth of the Ganges
  • 1 in Thailand or Northern Malaysia
  • 2 in China
  • 1 above the Philippines


This is the first time we have ever seen an illuminated manuscript map.

Condition Description
Gouache on vellum heightened in gold.