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Fundamental Exploration Map for Montana, Idaho and the Upper Missouri River Region.

Highly detailed map of the region between the Upper Missouri and the area from around Fort Benton to the Columbia River, primarily covering Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington and Oregon.

The map shows the graphic depiction of the Pacific Railroad Surveys as they surveyed for a northern route (47th and 49th Parallels) on an expedition led by Isaac Stevens, Governor of Washington Territory. Most of the map covers Montana, with extraordinary detail and excellent relief, naming rivers, numerous routes with dates, and interesting topographical commentary.

The following are some of the many exploration routes shown:

  • Governor Stevens & Main Parties (November 1853)
  • F.W. Lander (1853)
  • Stevens & McClellan (1853)
  • A.W. Tinkham (September 1853)
  • A.W. Tinkham (October 1853)
  • A.W. Tinkham (December 1853)
  • Governor Stevens (1855)
  • Lt. Mullan (April 1853)
  • Lt. Mullan (September 1853)
  • Lt. Mullan (December 1853)
  • Lt. Mullan (March 1854)
  • Lt. Mullan (September 1854)
  • Lt. Mullan & Mr. Doty (1854)
  • Lt. Mullan (April 1854)
  • Mr. Doty (May 1854)
  • Mr. Doty (June 1854)
  • J. Lambert (November 1855)
  • Lt. Arnold (October 1853)
  • Lt. Arnold (November 1853)
  • Hudson Bay Trail
  • R.H. Lansdale
  • Lt. Donnelson (1853)
  • Lt. Saxton (Summer 1853)

An extraordinary compilation, bringing together on a single map, the most important regional explorations in the mid 1850s.

Condition Description
Minor foxing.