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Rare Geological & Mining Map of Texas & The Southwest.

Highly detailed map of the Southwestern United States, colored by Geological regions.

The map also includes an extensive key listing the "Explorateurs Geologistes Des Ces Regions" (The Geologists and Explorers of the Regions), including:

  • Col. JC Fremont (1842-46)
  • Cap H. Stansbury (1849-50)
  • Jules Marcou (1853-54)
  • F.V. Hayden (1855-59)
  • J.S. Newberry (1857-58)
  • J.D. Dana (1850)
  • Cap. R.B. March (1852)
  • F. Roemer
  • J.B. Trask
  • G.G. Sumard
  • W.P. Blake Swallo
  • A. Vislizenus
  • J.D. Whitney
  • E. Guillemin-T(arayre)
  • W.M. Gabb
  • J. Schield
  • T. Antisell
  • A. Remond
  • H. King

Guillemin-Tarayre's map is part of a rare set of scientific works published by the French government. The map illustrated a section which relates to geology and mining in California and Nevada. In 1864, as a result of a French military expedition to Mexico, the Commission Scientifique du Mexique was established. At the time, mining in California and Nevada were the focal point of a great deal of interest in Europe.

The work was published during France's ill-fated attempt to establish Imperialism in Mexico.  Originally sent out under the shadow of the French Army, the work of the Scientific Mission is of monumental importance. The materials accumulated by M. Bocourt and his Fellow-Naturalists, were deposited in the National Museum of the Jardin des Plantes, and the elaboration of them entrusted to special workers in the different branches of science. In total, the work was issued in a number of volumes between 1870 and 1894.


The map is very rare. This is the second separate example we have ever seen on the market.