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Decorative pictorial map of the Town of Harwich, Massachusetts, showing the charm of this town steeped in the maritime history of Cape Cod. The map extends from the Nantucket Sound, northward past the tranquil blue of the various ponds, to the shores of Pleasant Bay, delineating the town's contours and streets.

Vignettes of significant landmarks and scenes depict the cultural and historical tapestry of Harwich: from its storied windmills and churches to its bustling harbors and serene landscapes. These illustrations are not mere decorations; they serve as windows into the town's soul, its heritage, and its community life.

Harwich’s rich past is captured in the map’s illustrations, which include representations of the First Congregational Church, established in the 17th century, and the Harwich Center, a hub of community activity. The map's production year, 1694, likely commemorates the town's establishment, providing a historical snapshot of Harwich that connects modern residents and visitors with their forebears' experiences.

The reverse side of the map, the guide, welcomes visitors and residents alike, offering insights into the town's zoning laws, building regulations, and local amenities. It serves as a manual for town living, outlining the pleasures of boating, fishing, and enjoying the theater and beaches. It also provides practical information such as locations of libraries, police, and fire departments, subtly educating about Harwich's infrastructure and governance.