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Detailed map of North America, celebrating the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad and Trans-Atlantic Cable.

Published in a late edition of Brue's Atlas Universal, the map presents a detailed image of North America, with up to date treatment of the Territories in the American West and Alaska Territory (acquired from the Russians in 1867).

A tribute to the recent completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, the map illustrates not only the route of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific from Omaha to San Francisco, but also shows a a direct Railroad link beginning in Boston and traversing through New York and Philadelphia, before turning west to Chicago and on to Omaha, where it links up with the Central Pacific and on to the Pacific Ocean.  As further evidence of the importance of this railraod link across North America, two Sea Routes from Europe are shown, as well as sea routes from the West Coast to Hawaii and Yokahama, serviced by railroad routes between San Francisco and Seattle, illustrating the prospect for links from Europe to Asia via North American rail.


Adrien-Hubert Brué Biography

Andre Hubert Brué was a French geographer and cartographer. Born in Paris, he served in the French Navy, joining the Baudin expedition to the Pacific (1800-1804). After his sea service, Brué applied his navigation and charting skills to creating finely-crafted maps, which were renowned for their crisp engraving and accuracy. He drew directly on the copper of the plate, creating what he called encyprotypes. He is best known for the Atlas universal de géographie physique, politique, ancienne et moderne.