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Stock# 102812

With Seven Maps of the British Colonies In North America, From Canada and New England to the Carolinas and Caribbean

Scarce Amsterdam edition, in French, of Richard Blome's The Present State of His Majesties Isles and Territories in America, first published in London in 1687.

Illustrated with 7 maps engraved in Amsterdam based upon scarce early Colonial American maps primarily by Robert Morden.

  • Carte de la Jamaique Nouvellement Reveue  
  • Ile des Barbades (by R. Morden) 
  • Nouvelle Carte de la Pensylvanie Maryland, Virginie et Nouvelle Iarsey 
  • Les Barmudes (by R. Morden)  
  • Nouvelle Carte de la Caroline (by R. Morden)  
  • Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvel York  
  • (Canada and Polar Regions). Partie de L'Amerique Septentrionale (by R. Morden)

Blome's work delineates the British presence and territorial claims in North America, spanning from Newfoundland to South Carolina, with a particular emphasis on the Caribbean Islands, New England, and New York. The work is notable for its detailed accounts intended to persuade Europeans to emigrate to America.

Blome’s work provides an insightful survey of the British colonies. He traces the history of English exploration back to Sebastian Cabot, delineating subsequent British engagement in the region. Notably, Blome offers an ethnographic account of the native populations, detailing their beliefs, sexual customs, and funerary practices, thus shedding light on the complex tapestry of cultural interactions in early colonial America.

The guide covers the entirety of British America, including the West Indies, describing towns, climates, resources, laws, and religious practices, aimed at advising potential settlers on successful colonization strategies. It contains seven notable maps, including works by renowned cartographer Robert Morden. These maps depict various regions, from Jamaica to the Carolinas and from New England to New York, albeit with some geographical inaccuracies and unique interpretations that reflect the cartographic knowledge and political biases of the time.

The map entitled "Nouvelle Carte de la Pensylvanie Maryland, Virginie et Nouvelle Iarsey," notably features a misspelling of 'Chesapeake' and represents an unconventional depiction of regional borders and landscapes. Similarly, the maps "Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvel York" present divergent representations of geographic features when compared to earlier versions, highlighting the evolving nature of cartographic understanding.

This edition includes a reprint from Increase Mather's Illustrious Providences (1684), recounting Quintin Stockwell’s captivity, which adds a personal and dramatic dimension to the colonial narrative.  

Howes notes that Blome's work "Did much to attract immigration to these shores." This, despite the inclusion of the harrowing Indian captivity narrative of Quentin Stockwell (pages 221-232), which should have been enough to keep any potential emigrant safe in their home village.

Important for its promotion of European emigration to America and for its reprint of the captivity of Quentin Stockwell - Vail.

Includes sections on Jamaica and the other Caribbean possessions (expanded from Blome's 1678 Description of the Island of Jamaica), as well as extensive treatments of the North American colonies.

Condition Description
12mo. 20th-century three-quarter polished tan calf and cloth, raised bands. Leather spine label. [4],331,[1] pages plus 7 folding engraved maps. Top margin trimmed a bit close, at times slightly shaving the tops of the printed headline and a few page numbers (main body of text unaffected). Minor old light dampstaining to a few of the maps (Jamaica, Pennsylvania, & New England/New York) Internally clean and nice.
European Americana 688/32. Howes B546. Arents (Additions) 511. Ayer Supplement 19. Sabin 5969. Vail 253. Baer 126. Kress Supplement 1624. Cundall, Jamaica (Supplement) 207a.