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Scarce satirical postcard caricature map of Europe, published in Russia in 1914.

The map personifies countries shown as human figures, animals, or objects, with each figure's actions, expressions, and interactions conveying political commentary or sentiment.

In this map, we see various European countries depicted as caricatured figures engaged in various acts that reflect the political tensions, alliances, and dynamics of the time. 

The text on the back of the caricature map appears to be a poem or series of quatrains that relate to the various nations depicted on the front side. Each stanza seems to refer to different European countries, offering satirical commentary on their political or military stance at the time, just before the outbreak of World War I.  The poem seems to humorously address the political and military postures of various European countries, playing on the concepts of neutrality and aggression, and ends with a warning to Germany from Russia, alluding to the rising tensions that would soon culminate in World War I. The language is humorous and mocking, revealing the popular perceptions and stereotypes of these countries at the time. The references to neutrality among many countries juxtaposed with the image of the Russian "young eagle" ready to fight if provoked, reflects the prevailing atmosphere of suspense and the readiness for conflict that characterized the period.

  • Germany - the old driver In vain pulling the Austrian by the neck
  • But the Austrian horse Kicks rebelliously.
  • Even if a fight with a bird The strong Serbian fist.
  • Montenegrins, having thrown a woman, Crawl onto the spit too.
  • Only the fattest Bulgarian, Grateful to the Austrian For a kiss and for a bribe, He's waiting to be pushed from the new quarrel.
  • And Romania with a smile Is known as a fish, Saying, "I am neutrality, I have no desire to fight."
  • And with Albania, bribes are a cry, The kids don't fight!
  • Only Turkey for the occasion Understood the lead ear, The fierce Charon is flowing. Well, who isn't beating her!
  • Here is Italy with a bouquet Boasts of neutrality,
  • Next to her, the tiny Swiss Will squint his eyes short, Says: - "Let there be war, It's none of my business!"
  • The Dutchwoman thinks the same
  • And the Dane, and the Icelander, And Norway, and the Swede, All insist - "neutrality!"
  • Only England does not live To drive a steamer into the sea.
  • Angry France looks on Releases its freedom Its young eagles,
  • Let the German be treated!
  • Brave Belgium's Grandson We crawled and persisted,
  • And onto this whole picture Looks our Slavic lion, The brave Russian lad, Grinning and learned. Well-behaved until now, But if angered—it will be bad.
  • Germany! Do not tease the guy, You'll grieve - you'll face it,  And if not his cranberry Will tear you into shreds!