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The Harriet F. Cobb Relief Map of Arizona, a detailed and artistically rendered depiction of the state's geography, was compiled, published, and sold by the Arizona Mapping Service in 1934. Created by Harriet F. Cobb and copyrighted by P.T. Reeve, this map is a navigational tool and a visual representation of Arizona's diverse landscape. Its portrayal of topography, highways, and natural landmarks presents a vivid image of Arizona in the mid-20th century.

This period marked a significant time in Arizona's history, as it was a phase of rapid development and exploration. The map's creation coincided with the rise of automobile travel and the growing importance of state highways, making it an essential resource for travelers and residents alike. The attention to detail in illustrating the state's topography, from the desert to the forested areas, and the iconic Grand Canyon, reflects the era's emphasis on geographic knowledge and the burgeoning appreciation for natural beauty. The map's portrayal of these features, in an era preceding widespread aerial photography, showcases the skilled cartographic techniques of the time.

Praised for its accuracy and artistic quality by authorities such as Arizona Highways and the Arizona State Chamber of Commerce, the map stands as a testament to the cartographic excellence of the era.

A note on the map indicates that it was also available hand-colored - something of an anachronism for the time. The map was available in multiple formats, including a large wall map, a smaller printed version, and a letterhead size.

The map bears the cover title Sky View Relief Map, illustrating an ideal scenic loop for a summer vacation in Arizona's vacation land.

Condition Description
Folding map, flattened. Printed on both sides. Minor wear and small holes at folds and fold intersections.