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The River Systems of Asia & Europe, based on the designs of Professor Heinrich Karl Wilhelm Berghaus of Berlin and extended by Alexander Keith Johnston, F.R.G.S., presents a detailed overview of the river basins across the two continents and the oceans they discharge into. Utilizing the Pregel River basin as a standard unit, the map offers comparisons in size and extent. Published by William Blackwood & Sons and engraved by W. & A.K. Johnston, it emphasizes the geographical scope in square miles of each river basin in relation to the Pregel.

This map records the river systems of Asia and Europe during a period when comprehensive geographical understanding was pivotal for navigation, trade, and territorial claims. Berghaus's foundational designs, as adapted by A.K. Johnston, showcase a systematic approach to mapping the relationships between water systems and their encompassing geographies. The provided note elucidates the method and the inherent approximations, hinting at the rigor of its creation.

Distinct color assignments indicate the oceans each river feeds into, from the Atlantic to the remote Arctic, providing a straightforward visual guide. Additionally, the map offers a comparative representation of the descents of major rivers, such as the Volga, Ganges, and Danube, alongside significant lakes' positioning relative to sea level.

Considering the era, the amalgamation of vast geographical data within one map highlights advancements in cartography and a growing comprehension of global interconnectedness. The methodical detailing, from river basin extents to comparative measurements, demonstrates a commitment to objective representation and academic documentation.

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