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The USAF Target Complex Mosaic-Series 25 Restricted, prepared and reproduced by the 544th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron at Bolling Air Force Base, represents a detailed view of Kansas City, Missouri, at a scale of 1:25,000. Compiled in the second edition of March 1951, based on aerial photography dating back to October 1948, the map consists of four unjoined sheets.

In the early Cold War era, the need for precise mapping and reconnaissance was paramount, especially within the United States Air Force. The USAF Target Complex Mosaic reflects this priority, presenting a meticulous view of Kansas City, a location of potential strategic interest. Such maps were vital for operational planning, providing accurate information for navigation and targeting, and thus played an essential role in the defense and intelligence strategies of the time.

The mapping provides valuable insight into the mid-20th-century urban landscape of Kansas City and offers a detailed look at the geography and infrastructure during a period of significant change and tension. It is notable not only for its military significance but also for the information it provides on the city's layout, key buildings, and transportation networks. The four unjoined sheets offer a flexible view, allowing for a segmented or comprehensive analysis of the area.

Within the context of historical geography and military studies, the USAF Target Complex Mosaic-Series 25 Kansas City, Missouri Restricted stands as a significant object of the Cold War era. It serves as a testament to the technological capabilities of the time, as well as a tangible link to the geopolitical landscape of the period. This mapping, although created with a specific military purpose in mind, transcends its original function to provide a broader understanding of urban development and military strategy during a pivotal moment in modern history.

Condition Description
Four unjoined sheets.