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The New Edition Map of Seattle, published by the W.S. Parks Co. of Seattle, circa 1920, is a multifaceted document that encompasses both the city's urban layout and its transportation network at a critical juncture in its growth. Reflecting the burgeoning automobile age, the map details street cars, bus lines, boulevards, and auto routes in and out of the city, along with combined boulevard and auto routes. The verso additionally provides a detailed map of West Seattle and includes a street index and various advertisements for local businesses.

The 1920s marked a period of significant transformation in Seattle's urban landscape and transportation infrastructure. The rise of the automobile and the expansion of streetcar and bus lines played an essential role in shaping the city's connectivity and development. The map's particular focus on delineating various modes of transport provides a vital snapshot of the era's mobility patterns and the intertwining of public and private transportation systems.

This folding map's inclusion of West Seattle and the specific indexing of streets broadens its scope to encompass various neighborhoods and regions, allowing for a comprehensive view of the city. The mapping of boulevards and auto routes captures the burgeoning emphasis on automobile travel and the infrastructural changes that accommodated this shift. It also reflects the broader national trend of urbanization and the modernization of transportation during the early 20th century.

The advertisements for local businesses embedded within the map further contribute to its historical context, offering glimpses into the commercial landscape of Seattle during this time. These advertisements serve as cultural markers, highlighting the services, products, and industries that were integral to the city's daily life and economic fabric.

In conclusion, the New Edition Map of Seattle is not merely a navigational tool but a historical artifact that encapsulates the city's urban development, transportation evolution, and commercial vibrancy in the early 1920s. Its multifaceted contents render it a valuable document for understanding the complex dynamics that shaped Seattle's growth and modernization during a transformative period in American urban history.

Condition Description
Folding map printed on both sides. Some toning and wear at folds. Holes at fold intersections.