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Interesting map of Greece ad the Aegean Sea, published by Scherer in Munich.

Includes 4 inhabitants of the the Greek islands, each of which has a book in his hands of religious significance:

  • Islamic Inhabitant:  a book with the words. "Alcoran, Deus et Mahomet propheta," which translates to "The Quran, God, and Muhammad is the prophet." This phrase would encapsulate the central Islamic creed that the Quran is the word of God as revealed to Muhammad, who is His prophet.
  • Catholic Inhabitant:  a book referencing ""one holy and Apostolic Roman Church (Pope Boniface VIII)"
  • Greek Orthodox Inhabitant:  book with the words "ΑΓΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΠΕΡΑ," meaning the "Holy of the Savior of Pera."
  • Jewish Inhabitant:  book with the words "Lex et Prophetae" and "Talmud".  Lex et Prophetae would refer to the sections of the Hebrew Bible known as "the Law and the Prophets." The Talmud is a separate set of texts that contains rabbinical debates, interpretations, and expansions upon the laws and ethics initially presented in the Torah.
Condition Description
Minor soiling at centerfold