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Fine old color example of this striking late 18th Century view of Venice from the south. The engraver's skills have transformed the city into a two-dimensional plane, capturing the intricate interplay of water and land that defines Venice.

In the foreground, the island of Guidecca presents itself as an elongated strip divided by canals, interlaced with buildings.  In the foreground are sailing ships, their sails billowing in the depicted wind, suggest a lively commerce.  

The city's core, represented by Piazza San Marco and the Doge's Palace at the center, emerges as an architectural highlight. The view showcases these grand structures in exquisite detail. Piazza San Marco, with its iconic square, is bustling with energy, while the Doge's Palace's intricate fascade exudes an aura of power and magnificence, reflecting its historical significance.

Finally, in the distant horizon, the gentle hills roll in quiet, natural contrast to the city's man-made grandeur. They stand as silent observers to the historical city, their undulating forms fading into the edge of the view.

Condition Description
Old Color.