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Titled Plan van de Slag, this detailed battlefield map portrays the events of a pivotal engagement between the Austrian and Ottoman armies, under the command of the illustrious Prince Eugene of Savoy and Turkish forces respectively, near Peterwardein and Karlowitz, on 5th August 1716.

Prince Eugene of Savoy, renowned as one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history, led the Austrian forces to a decisive victory against the Ottoman Empire in this critical battle during the Austro-Turkish War (1716-1718). The map diligently traces the movements and tactics of both armies, highlighting the pivotal moments that determined the course of the battle.

Key locations on the map include the inner and outer entrenchments at Peterwardein (marked as B on the map), both occupied by Austrian infantry, and the encampment of the Turkish army at Karlowitz (marked as C). The map illustrates the Turkish advances and their three batteries established on 3rd and 4th August, coming within 30 to 40 steps of the Austrian entrenchments (D).

This map further depicts the movements of Austrian cavalry from the left flank (E), who engaged the Turkish cavalry, and also records the vigorous pursuit of the Ottoman forces into their encampment (F), and their subsequent assault in their fortifications (G).

Additional movements of note include the attack of the Austrian infantry under Prince Alexander of Württemberg on the Ottoman forces between the Court and the Battery (H), and the valiant actions of the Austrian infantry and cavalry in driving the enemy into the valley (K, L, M).

The map concludes with a depiction of the total defeat of the Ottoman forces at Karlowitz (O), the positioning of the Austrian cavalry in the Ottoman camp (P), the positioning of the remaining infantry after the battle (Q), and finally the orderly arrangement of the Austrian army on 6th August, followed by the singing of the Te Deum in the General Quarters on 7th August (R).

Plan van de Slag stands as a testament to the planning and strategic acumen of Prince Eugene of Savoy, offering a fascinating historical document of a pivotal moment in the Austro-Turkish War.

Condition Description
Wear and tape repair at the top edge.