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Produced by City Design in Pleasanton around 1990, Berkeley offers a classic late-20th-century advertising bird's-eye view of the city, replete with cartoons and illustrations of local businesses. Oriented with a westerly perspective, the view prominently features the iconic Cal Stadium in the foreground, while San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge form a recognizable backdrop.

The 1990s were a time of cultural and technological shifts, and the city of Berkeley, California, known for its rich history of activism and innovation, was no exception to these changes. The map's playful and commercial design, featuring local businesses, reflects a shift in urban mapping during this era, as cityscapes were often reimagined to promote tourism and local commerce. It provides a snapshot of Berkeley's urban landscape and commercial vitality during this period, capturing the unique character of the city.

City Design's approach in this map combines artistic creativity with cartographic functionality. The bird's-eye view, a traditional method employed in city mapping, is enhanced by colorful cartoons and illustrations, creating a visually engaging representation of Berkeley. The inclusion of prominent landmarks, such as the Cal Stadium, as well as depictions of local businesses, adds layers of local flavor and identity. This fusion of art and cartography elevates the map from a mere navigational tool to a cultural artifact that encapsulates the spirit and energy of late-20th-century Berkeley.

The Berkeley view also holds significance in understanding the evolution of advertising strategies and urban promotion. Its lively illustrations and focus on local establishments reveal a concerted effort to depict the city not just as a geographical space but as a vibrant community teeming with cultural landmarks and commercial opportunities. This perspective aligns with broader trends in marketing and urban planning during the late 20th century, where cities were increasingly portrayed as destinations for leisure, shopping, and entertainment.

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Tack holes in the corners.