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Beautiful, late-19th- or early-20th-century hand-drawn geological map showing the distribution of Carboniferous strata across the Northeastern US, alongside depictions of key fossils from that time period.

This map, perhaps executed by a high-level student in geology or as a pedagogical device, shows the extent of Carboniferous strata (in yellow) with strata of similar ages also delineated. Surrounding the map are depictions of the notable fauna and flora of the period. Several related depictions of lepidodendrons and calamites, two of the dominant Carboniferous plants, appear. Early fish and animal fossils are also shown, and a key at the bottom provides their scientific names.

The dating appears to be from around c. 1890. The distribution of yellow strata, which is assumed to be Carboniferous, includes a number of regions that have other Paleozoic strata. This suggests that the map comes from the late-19th-century when the subdivision of the Carboniferous from other periods was still fluid. This is consistent with other maps that we have seen from the same author, including one of the Azoic, a term that fell out of fashion after 1900.

Condition Description
Pen and ink with wash color. Lower right corner chipped, well away from drawing.