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Published in Barcelona!

This is a scarce map of the Spanish territories of Cuba and Puerto Rico, published in Barcelona by Camilo Alarbern. The work includes three maps, a map of Cuba, a map of Puerto Rico, and a regional map of the Caribbean. Cuba is subdivided into three regions and many smaller departments, while islands in the Caribbean are colored according to the colonial power which controls them. The map is attractively colored and delicately engraved, with nice titles and legends.

The maps are detailed, showing many towns, roads, islands, mountains, and more. The map of Cuba includes railroad lines completed, projected, and under construction, a rare look at Cuba's early railroad system. The first railways were approved in 1834, prior to the approval of any Spanish railway lines. The first line to open would be between Havana and Guines (shown on the map), completed in 1839. On the map, Puerto Rico is much less developed than Cuba, with fewer roads and inland settlements.


This is the second time we have seen any state of this map, and the first time we see the 1850 edition.