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Executed during a pivotal period in the Second World War, Your Submarine Versatile Warship provides a riveting visual exploration of a U.S. Navy submarine. Published on the verso of NEWSMAP for the Armed Forces during the 268th week of the war - the 150th week of U.S. Participation, the date corresponds to October 30, 1944. This detailed representation was prepared and distributed by the Army Information Branch Army Service Forces, headquartered in New York, with Navy distribution handled by the Educational Services Section BuPers of the Navy Department in Washington, D.C.

This illustrative guide unfolds as a cross-section of the submarine, revealing an intricate, cut-away graphic that comprehensively details the diverse elements of this complex war machine. Notable features identified include the radio direction finder, periscopes, air induction, conning tower, deck gun, torpedo loading hatch, escape trunk and rescue hatch, bow diving plane, torpedo storage, control room, pump room, radio room, and the ship's galley, among others. It is important to note that the conning towers have been altered for security reasons, reflecting the sensitivity of the information encapsulated in this graphic during wartime.

In a stark departure from the terrestrial and maritime maps often associated with this period, the document provides a fascinating insight into the technological complexity of the war machinery of this era. By offering a unique perspective on the inner workings of a U.S. submarine, it presents a nuanced narrative of wartime innovation and strategy.

On the map side, the Philippine Theater around Manila is depicted, alongside a separate map of the southern Philippines, and a contextual map of the Philippines. The progress on the European front is also presented through two additional maps. These cartographic portrayals deliver critical insights into the geopolitical context of late 1944, underscoring the strategic importance of these regions during this decisive phase of the war. As such, Your Submarine Versatile Warship stands as a rich repository of both technical and strategic knowledge, elucidating the multi-faceted nature of the World War II combat landscape.

Condition Description
Scattered minor damage at the edges.