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The map of Chili by Valk & Schenk, produced in Amsterdam around 1700, represents a significant advancement in cartography during the Age of Enlightenment. This edition is particularly noteworthy due to the extensive revisions from the previous Jansson edition.

This map spans a considerable geographical expanse, extending north to Mutantor and Puerto de Vetus, and includes the R. de. Copayapo. It pinpoints at least 50 locations, among them significant places such as Santiago de la Nueva Estremadura (Santiago), Baldivia, Osorno, Imperial, Ongol villa nueva de los Infantes, La Concepcion, and L Serena.

The map's treatment of the Andes is particularly striking, showcasing the mountain range's prominence in the region's topography. A notable feature is an unnamed lake, with Mendoza and San Juan de la Frontera being the only places identified on the lake's eastern side. This selective annotation suggests a focus on specific areas of interest or exploration at the time.

The Valk & Schenk map of Chili is not merely a geographical representation; it is also a historical document reflecting the state of geographical knowledge and exploration at the turn of the 18th century. The marked divergence from the earlier Jansson edition underlines the continual refinement and updating of information that characterizes this period in cartographic history. This map stands as a testament to the iterative nature of map-making and the drive for increased accuracy in depicting the known world.

Condition Description
Original hand-color in outline with appropriate later color in the cartouches. Some soiling and staining in the map image, as illustrated.