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Extremely unusual and highly embellished original antique map of Italy and Austria, immediately prior to the Italian Wars of Independence.

This rare map stands out for the connections that it shows between Italy and Austria, at a time when the latter controlled vast swathes of the former. In the Italian states in 1843, secret societies like the Carbonari were actively working towards unification and liberalization, and these movements were often in opposition to Austrian influence and control in the region. Austria, under the conservative leadership of Prince Metternich, was committed to maintaining the status quo and suppressing nationalist and liberal movements.

Throughout the map, boundaries, roads, religious centers, cities, and much more are all shown. Surrounding the map, statistics and descriptions of the various regions shown provide great detail about populations, trade, and other important factors. The highly stylized title is surrounded by the coats of arms of the various constituent Italian states.

Austro-Italian Relations During the 19th Century

During the middle of the 19th century, the geopolitical connections between Italy and Austria were marked by tension, conflict, and shifting alliances. The Austrian Empire controlled significant parts of what is now Northern Italy, including Lombardy and Venetia. The Italian unification movement, or Risorgimento, sought to unify the various Italian states into a single nation, and this goal put the Italian nationalists in direct conflict with Austrian interests. The Austrian Empire was determined to maintain its control over these territories, leading to a series of wars and diplomatic struggles.

The most notable conflicts between Italy and Austria during this period were the First and Second Italian Wars of Independence. In the First Italian War of Independence (1848-1849), Italian forces were defeated by the Austrians. However, the Second Italian War of Independence (1859) saw a coalition between the Kingdom of Sardinia (Piedmont) and France against Austria, resulting in Austrian defeat and the cession of Lombardy to the Kingdom of Sardinia. The Treaty of Vienna in 1866 further solidified the geopolitical changes, with Austria ceding Venetia to Italy after the Austro-Prussian War. These events were instrumental in shaping the modern boundaries of Italy and had lasting impacts on the relationship between Italy and Austria, transforming the geopolitical landscape of Central Europe.

Condition Description
Original hand color, in outline. Segmented in eighteen pieces and mounted on original linen. With original marbled folding slipcase. Some browning of linen. Minor soiling.