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This detailed map of the lands of the Tribe of Gad in the Holy Land is an exceptional piece from Christian van Adrichom's Theatrum Terrae Sanctae, first published in 1590. Originating from Antwerp, it offers an intricate representation of the territory assigned to the Tribe of Gad in the Holy Land.

Christian Kruik van Adrichem, or Christianus Crucius Adrichomius, was a priest and theologian born in Delft. He worked for thirty years on his three-part history of the Holy Land, but only managed to publish the first part, Urbis Hierosolyma Depicta, during his lifetime. The remaining two parts were posthumously published by Georg Braun in 1590, with subsequent editions in 1593, 1600, 1613, 1628, and 1682.

Theatrum Terrae Sanctae was Adrichom's most important and famous work—an atlas and history of the Holy Land. It contained 12 maps and plans, including one of the Holy Land, nine of the territories of the Tribes of Israel, one of the Exodus, and a town plan of Jerusalem. These maps stand as a testament to the dedication and skill of Adrichom in capturing the geography and history of this significant region.

As a cartographic representation of the lands of the Tribe of Gad, this map offers valuable insight into the geography and history of the Holy Land as understood during the late 16th century. Its intricate details and historical context make it a noteworthy piece for those interested in the history of the Holy Land and the Tribes of Israel.