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Interesting large-format WWII "Newsmap," providing up-to-date coverage of World War II to American servicemen. The verso, meant to be displayed the next week when the recto has gone out-of-date, has a chart of combat ships with photographs and descriptions.

This issue features the Siege of Sevastopol with an inset map (by Liam Dunne) and the account describing the outlook for the Soviets' hold on the city as grim. Axis advancement in North Africa and an American attack on Japanese forces on Kiska Island are also reported.

The base map is surrounded by news-style articles, images, photographs, and other information regarding the war's progress, including smaller maps illustrating a single theater or front.

This series was first published on April 27, 1942, by the Orientation Course Section. The course distributed the maps to company-sized units of the Army, libraries, and Service clubs, and the army in turn distributed them to other branches of the military. Newsmaps were edited in New York, initially under the Special Service Division and then the Morale Services Division after its establishment, and except for overseas editions, printed in Chicago. 

Condition Description
Lower right corner torn, with some loss of image. Ragged edges, with multiple 2-3 inch tears. 5.5" tear in upper left, paper crunched a bit above tear.